I can say I was born with a passion for business. As a little kid I enjoyed selling stickers, gummy bears, sago't gulaman, ice candy, etc., to my friends, relatives and neighbors. I may have gotten this attitude from my late Grandmother (Mom's Mom) because she was the entrepreneur of the family. I know she'll be very proud of me for following her footsteps.

My Previous Multiply Layout by Apple Flores

I call my first attempt at selling online a huge FLOP because before I didn't had enough knowledge at selling and my merchandise can be labelled LAME-O. I used the name "Glitzie" coz' I was having a hard time thinking of a suitable name. It was from the word "Glitz" and with the suffix "ie" added for an extra oomph! To make the story short, it didn't work out.

But I ain't the kind of person who gives up easily; I really wanted to sell online so I did my best and tried again. This time I had to make it work no matter what. So what I did was open another shop, this time used the name "FashionHouseInc." based from the show Fashion House coz' I think it's kind of catchy even though it's long. Instead of selling on hand items like before, this time I decided to take pre-ordered clothes from China aka Korean Fashion Clothes. I found a decent and honest seller within the country and asked her permission to resell her clothes. My supplier's name is Ms. Happy Lizzette Pajimna, she is from Pampanga. She's very nice and explained to me the rules.

My New Logo - I made it for 4 hours due to lack of inspiration!

During the first batch of my orders I got 3-4 clients which were a huge deal for me already since I haven't establishes a name yet. After that clients started to pour up to the point that I was getting around 20 orders per batch. I was ecstatic by that and realized that you will do succeed if you try. I enjoyed every minute of it even though it was time consuming for me since at that time I was still taking up my 4th year in college.

November 2007 came. My mom and I went shopping for presents and I saw a tunic top that I liked so much I decided to buy myself 3 pieces with different colors. But instead of wearing them I decided to take pictures of each and try selling them online. Who'd have thought that they'd become a hit? The first 3 pieces were sold on the same night I posted and a lot was asking for more. So I decided to buy again though this time I bought 15 pieces with a variety of colors. I sold them for a cheap price just enough to cover my fares and just to earn some. Within 3 days of posting it the "TUNICS" were sold out already. Then it began. Every Sunday (I am having my Hotel Practicum already and my schedul is every Mondays to Saturdays - 8am to 4pm) me and my Dad would go buy 40-50 pieces of Tunics and as soon as I get home I'd post them on my multiply site - rather than spend the day resting. The Tunics would be sold out before the weekends so I needed to buy some again before Sunday to replenish my stocks since the demand was very high because Christmas was fast approaching. Some of my clients buy in bulks for gifts and others buy to resell them coz' according to them I offer the cheapest price. Since I was working (Hotel Practicum) my mom was in charge with the deliveries back at home. This time I can say I made a name at Multiply.

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In March 2008 I found a direct supplier of Asian Clothes in Hong Kong. I told my previous supplier Ms. Happy that I'll no longer be her reseller and thanked her for helping me and supporting me in every step when I was just starting up. That's the time that I started ordering clothes from my supplier abroad. It started with clothes then bags, accessories and shoes.

Problems came along the way but they cannot be prevented. Trials are needed for you to be strong and to learn from them. I faced all of them fortunately - with the help of my Family, Friends and God.

I am about to celebrate my 2nd year in this online selling business - I never regretted any minute of it. I enjoyed selling and dealing with clients. I knew I was born for this.

My New Contact Details - I also made it, inspired by Barbie and Pop Art!

I am also starting up my Online Pastry Shop. So far it's been good. I am getting clients from different parts of the country. Baking is my first love so I'm determined to be more focused on it and my Online Fashion Shop will just be my 2nd priority. Nevertheless I will still give my 100% good and efficient service to all my FHINC. buyers.

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